Proper Islamic Attire For Sisters

Dress like a Believer
Today, some corrupt westerners try to divert our mothers and sisters from
the true path of Islam, by saying that the Islamic Garb is oppression and
wrong to women. This is totally false.
The Islamic garb is not oppression, but it saves a woman from being used
as an object that is marketed by the West. The Islamic Dress is the best and
most respectful manner of dressing.
Covering the body is the command of the Qur’an and the Hadith. Do not be
misled by those who themselves have no Deen or Imaan and have made
women the means of earning wealth and power.
The Holy Quran commands women to remain in their homes and not to
leave their houses dressed un-Islamically, like the women who left their
homes without Islamic garb in the days of ignorance.
The Beloved Rasool said,
“A woman should remain with respect in her home. The moment she
comes out of the house without Islamic garb, shaitaan continues looking at
her.” [Tirmizi]

Adorning Oneself For Others
The Beloved Rasool said,
“An example of a woman who beautifies herself (for others to see) and uses
strong perfume, is like darkness in which there is no light.” [Tirmizi]
Hazrat Abu Musa Ash’ari ؓ◌reported the Beloved Rasool said,
“That women who use perfume and then passes by men so that people may
smell her perfume, then such a woman is a corrupt woman.” [Nasa’i]
Our mothers and sisters should take heed to the above mentioned words of
wisdom and abstain from the ways of the Kuffar and remain obedient
servants of Allah.

About Exposing The Body and Hair
Abu Dawud reports from Sayyida A’isha عنها تعالى االلهر that Asma عنها تعالى االلهر came
before Nabi wearing thin clothing. Huzoor turned his face away and
‘O Asma! Once a female reaches puberty, then no portion of her body
should be exposed, except for her face and her palms’.
Imam Maalik reports from Alqama bin Abi Alqama and he reports from his
mother that Hafsa bint Abdur Rahmaan visited Hazrat A’isha عنها تعالى االله ر
wearing a very thin stole (i.e. a scarf or a shawl).
Hazrat A’isha عنها تعالى االلهر tore up her stole and gave her one that was thick.

Imitating Males
Abu Dawud reported from Ibn Ab’bas ؓ◌ that Rasoolullah cursed those
women who imitate men and those men who imitate women.
Abu Dawud reported on the authority of Abu Hurairah ؓ◌ that Rasoolullah
cursed that male who dresses in the clothes of females and he cursed
that female who dresses in clothing that resembles that (clothing) of men.
Some people wear tight trousers that are crumpled at the ends. Even in
these, the ankles are concealed and the actual figure of the body is visible.
Especially females should not wear these crumpled trousers. The trousers
which are worn by females should be loose and loose-fitting and flowing
and their pants should be worn longer, so that the foot is hidden. For them,
the greater portion of the foot that is hidden, the better.
Abu Dawud reported from Ibn Abi Maleeka that someone mentioned to
Hazrat A’isha اعن
عا االلهر that a woman wore shoes (which resembled that of
men). She (Hazrat A’isha) said that, ‘Rasoolullah cursed women who
resembled men’. In other words, women should not wear shoes that are
like that of men. Actually this refers to all things in which men and women
have distinctiveness to one another. There is prohibition for each one of
them to adopt the style of the other. Neither should men adopt the style of
the women, and nor should the women adopt the style of the men.

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