Muslims should thank Almighty Allah day and night, for
blessing us with this great opportunity of being in the
Ummat of the Holy Prophet .
There is no doubt that the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Mustafa  is the greatest and most exalted in Allah’s
creation. Almighty Allah blessed the Holy Prophet  with
being Habeebullah (The Beloved of Allah).
Almighty Allah granted him the excellence that none has
been given and none shall ever be granted. Allah bestowed
him with the most exalted and unique of all attributes. The
Beloved Rasool  has been granted the position of
closeness to Almighty Allah.

Everything that Allah bestows upon us is through the
blessings of the Prophet . We have no doubt in our minds
that the Prophet  is the Noor of Allah. The very first thing
that Almighty Allah created is the Noor of Muhammad .

Allah ta Aala says in the Holy Quran, “Verily came
towards you from Allah, a Light and a bright book”.
The learned scholars have unanimously agreed that the
Book being referred to is the Holy Quran and the Light that
is being referred to is the Noor-e-Muhammadi .
Almighty Allah placed this Noor in the forehead of Hazrat
Adam  and commanded the Angels to make Sajdah to
him. All accepted his command except Shaitaan and thus
became cursed.

Muslims in every era have always thanked Allah Almighty
for sending Rasoolullah  towards mankind, and in doing
so, they have commemorated the Meelad-un-Nabi (Birth
Celebration) of the Holy Prophet .
Almighty Allah states in the Holy Quran, “And remind
them of the days of Allah.” Concerning this Verse of the
Holy Quran, the the commentators have mentioned “The
days of Allah” refer to those days in which Almighty
Allah has bestowed His favours onto the believers. From
this, it is obvious that the Meelad of the Holy Prophet  is
from amongst “The Days of Allah” and Allah commands
concerning his days that, “And remind them of the days
of Allah.”

One of the best and most appropriate ways of remembering
the birth of the Holy Prophet  is to celebrate the Meeladun-Nabi  which Alhamdulillah is a practice amongst
majority of the Muslims throughout the world.
Celebrating the Meelad-un-Nabi, causes one to attain
closeness to Allah and His Rasool . Muslims throughout
the globe should strive to commemorate the Maulood.

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