Every such person whom Almighty Allah has blessed with sanity and
rationalism knows well that that to love him, whose love and honour
is compulsory to be a true believer is the most valuable thing in the
Every person has a duty towards his parents, relatives, elders and
children and it is necessary for him to fulfill these responsibilities.
However, if for some reason forgets all of them and does not have
the slightest love and affection left for them in his heart, causing him
to become estranged from all of them, it will not cause any harm to
his Imaan, since it is not compulsory upon him to accept or bring
faith in his parents, relatives, elders or children for him to be
regarded as a believer, but for him to be regarded as a true believer,
he must accept and bring faith in Muhammadur Rasoolullah . If a
person recites La ilaaha il’lal laa and does not believe in and accept
fully Muhammadur Rasoolullah , he will never be regarded as a
believer and if his connection and relationship to the love of the
Prophet is severed, then definitely he will be out of the folds of
Imaan, for to declare acceptance of his Prophethood without his love
can never remain intact.
It is for this reason that Shariat-e-Mutaahira has made the love of the
Holy Prophet  incumbent upon every Muslim, that we should love
the Prophet  more than our family, children and all our our
Almighty Allah says in the Holy Qur’aan:
ÈβÎ) u!$uŠÏ9÷ρr& öΝä3tΡ≡uθ÷zÎ)uρ öΝä.u!$t/#u (#ÿρä‹Ï‚−
Fs? Ÿω (#θãΖtΒ#u š
!$# $pκ
ãΝèδ y7Íׯ≈s9’ρé’sù öΝä3ΖÏiΒ Οßγ
9uθtGtƒ tΒuρ
4Ç≈yϑƒM}$# ’n?tã tøà6ø9$# (#θ

∩⊄⊂∪ š
“O Believers! Do not look upon your fathers and your brothers as
your friends, if they desire infidelity (Kufr) over Faith (Imaan). And
those of you who befriend them, then they are the transgressors.”
(Surah Tauba – Ayah 23)
óΟä3è?uŽÏ±tãuρ ö/ä3ã_≡uρø—r&uρ öΝä3çΡ≡uθ÷zÎ)uρ öΝà2äτ!$oΨö/r&uρ öΝä.äτ!$t/#u tβ%x. βÎ) ö≅è%
=ymr& !$yγtΡöθ|Êös? ßÅ3≈|¡tΒuρ $yδyŠ$|¡x. tβöθt±øƒrB ×
οt≈pgÏBuρ $yδθßϑçGøùuŽtIø%$# îΑ≡uθøΒr&uρ
†ÎAù’tƒ 4
Lym (#θÝÁ

/uŽtIsù Ï&Î#‹Î7y™ ’Îû 7
Š$yγÅ_uρ Ï&Î!θß™u‘uρ «!$# š
∅ÏiΒ Νà6ø‹s9Î)
∩⊄⊆∪ š
É)Å¡≈xø9$# tΠöθs)ø9$# “ωöκu‰ Ÿω ª
!$#uρ 3ÍνÍ÷ö∆rÎ/
“Say you, If your fathers and yours sons and your brothers and your
wives and your relations and the wealth of your earnings and the
business deals in which you fear loss and the houses of your choice,
are things which are more beloved to you than Allah and His Prophet
and fighting in His Path, then wait until the moment when Allah
commands His Divine Ordinance. And Allah guides not the
transgressors. (Surah Tauba – Ayah 24)
∩∉⊇∪ ×
ΛÏ9r& ë>#x‹tã öΝçλm; «!$# tΑθß™u‘ tβρèŒ÷σムtÏ%
“And those who hurt the Prophet of Allah, for them there is an
agonizing retribution (Surah Tauba – Aya 61)
∩∉⊄∪ š
ÏΖÏΒ÷σãΒ (#θçΡ$Ÿ2βÎ) çνθàÊöãƒ βr& ŽYymr& ÿ…ã&è!θß™u‘uρ
“And the right of Allah and His Prophet was greater; that they should
have pleased Him, if they possessed Imaan [faith]
(Surah Tauba – Ayah 62)
$Î#≈yz zΟ
Ζyγy_ u‘$tΡ …çµs9 ā
χrsù …ã&s!θß™u‘uρ
!$# ÏŠÏŠ$ptä† tΒ …çµ
Ρr& (#þθßϑn=÷ètƒ öΝs9r&
∩∉⊂∪ ÞΟŠÏàyèø9$# ß“÷“Ï‚ø9$# šÏ9≡sŒ
“Do they know not, that whosoever acts against Allah and His
Prophet, (then) for him there is the fire of hell, wherein he shall live
for all eternity. This is immense humiliation.”(Surah Tauba – Ayah
!$# ¨
βÎ) 3ª
!$# ãΝßγçΗxq÷Žzy™ y7Íׯ≈s9’ρé& 4ÿ…ã&s!θß™u‘uρ
!$# š
“And be obedient to the commands of Allah and His Prophet. These
are the ones on whom Allah will soon bestow His Mercy.
Undoubtedly, Allah is All Dominant, Wise.” (Surah Tauba – Ayah
tã (#θà
=y‚tGtƒ βr& É>#{ôãF{$# zÏiΒ Οçλm;öθym ôtΒuρ ÏπuΖƒÏ‰yϑø9$# È≅÷δL{ tβ%Ÿ2$tΒ
Ρ tã öΝÍκŦàΡrÎ/ (#θç7xîötƒ Ÿωuρ «!$# ÉΑθß™§

“It was neither appropriate for the residents of Madinah and the
inhabitants of the neighboring Bedouins to remain sitting behind
after the Prophet, nor this, that, that they should regard their lives as
more sacred than his. (Surah Tauba – Ayah 120)
These verses of the Holy Quraan clearly show that it is an obligation
upon every Muslim to love and honour the Holy Prophet . If a
person does not show true and sincere love to the Holy Prophet  he
will never be regarded as a true Believer.
We should all sincerely invoke Allah, that He may through His
Divine Grace bless us with true love for our Master Hazrat
Muhammad Mustafa . Aameen

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