Jealousy is such a wicked and destructive quality that it steals mans
peace and comfort away from him. It causes him spiritual destruction
and destroys his self esteem and allows him to compromise all other
principals and ethics. A jealous person is never in peace. He spends
his entire life burning in the flames of jealousy, envying all those
around him.

The Holy Prophet of Islam  said, “Jealousy devours good deeds
like fire burns out dry wood.”

There are numerous reasons why a person becomes jealous of
another person. From amongst these, there are seven well known

The very first reason is why a person becomes jealous of another is
due to hatred and malice that he harbours for the said person. In this
case, the person usually curses and hopes for the destruction of the
person he or she hates.

The second reason is based on pride and arrogance. The person
having this kind of jealousy is so proud and thinks so highly of
himself that he becomes envious of anyone that he feels is better than

The third reason is based on power and position. Such a person
wishes to be a leader of everyone around him and becomes jealous
when anyone surpasses him in position or power.
He desires for all to be lower than him, allowing him to be the most
elevated amongst them. The fourth reason is based on mere evil,
where the person thinks that only he is worthy of such and such
things. He feels that no one else is worthy of these things except
himself and when he finds others who are in the possession of such
things, he becomes jealous of him.

The fifth reason is based on fear of losing. In this case, the person
fears that if others super cede him in business and any other field,
then they will overpower him and be regarded as more successful
than him. This concept causes him to thus become jealous of any
person who he feels is more successful than him.

The Sixth reason is based on knowledge and wisdom. The person in
this category feels that there is none wiser and more knowledgeable
than him and none has the ability to be wiser than him. He thus
envies everyone that he feels is wiser than him.

The seventh and final reason is based on negative nature. It is the
person’s nature to be jealous of others and cause harm to them. Such
a person is the worst of all and thrives on jealousy.

A jealous person always tries to harm others and cause discomfort to
others, but he in turn causes more harm to himself than to anyone

We should protect ourselves from jealousy and each person should
be thankful and grateful to Allah for whatever he has. We should be
pleased on the prosperity of others rather than being envious.
“A Jealous man will destroy himself,
Whilst burning in the flames of jealousy”

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