It is the responsibility of every Muslim to protect his or her Imaan
and the Imaan of those Muslims around them. The most valuable
gift that Almighty Allah has bestowed upon us, is the “Gift of
Imaan”. We must strive sincerely in the path of Allah and His Rasool
 as this is the means of protecting our Imaan.
As Muslims, we need to inculcate an atmosphere of knowing
amongst ourselves. We need to know what is acceptable in our
religion and what is not. We must educate ourselves and our
children concerning the different sects that have come out of Islam
and are portraying themselves as Muslims, yet they intend to cause
harm to the Imaan of the Muslims. These sects are wolves in sheep
skin. In reality they are the thieves of Imaan. They intend to destroy
the Imaan of the unsuspecting Muslims. These corrupt non-sunnis
try to lure the simple Muslims towards their web, by using their
false claims of Namaaz, Fasting and other important actions of
Islam. We need to protect ourselves and our children from these
mischief mongers and false sects.
These enemy of Islam disguised in the garb of Muslims know that by
gaining closeness to the Prophet , a person becomes close to Allah.
It is for this reason that their point of attack is the personality of
Rasoolullah . These so-called Muslims have tried for centuries to
remove the blessed practices such as Moulood, Urs, Gyarwee
Shareef and Esaal-e-Sawaab etc from our communities. The aim for
doing this is because they know that by partaking in such practices a
Muslim gains closeness to the pious servants of Allah, thus granting
them closeness in the Most Majestic Court of the Creator, Allah
Almighty. It must be noted that the love for the Holy Prophet  is
the soul of our Imaan.The Mujaddid of the 14th Century, Imam Ahle
Sunnat Aala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan states the
following concerning the Prophet’s unique personality:
“From the hair of his blessed head, up to his blessed feet, The Holy
Prophet  is the manifestation of Allah Almighty. He is such a
unique human, that he is not like any other human. In reality, he is
such a super uniquely exalted human, that the Quran refers to him
as being Imaan and Imaan in-turn refers to him as being its soul.”
We should thus strengthen our souls and hearts by increasing in
ourselves the love for the Prophet . We should inculcate in our
children the love for the Holy Prophet  and the pious servants of
Allah. As sunni sahihul Aqida Muslims, we should protect our
families and friends from the traps and vices that the hypocrites
have set in our paths. We need to become true in our claim. We
always claim to love the Holy Prophet , yet we befriend those who
slander and the Prophet  and try to belittle the exalted station
bestowed upon him. One who has true Imaan will never befriend
any person who slanders the Prophet , his companions and all
those who love respect and revere them. If one after knowing the
corrupt beliefs of those who are trying to mislead us still befriends
them and keeps contact with them, then such a person is disloyal to
the Holy Prophet . We must remain steadfast in our Aqida. We
must openly announce and publicize the correct and proper
teachings of Islam. We must be true in accepting that Allah is free
from all defects and shortages. We must accept that the Prophet 
has been blessed with knowledge of the unseen, he is Noor, he has
been blessed with the authority of intercession, he has been blessed
with being wasila (a means of acceptance in the court of Allah), he
has been blessed with being the Final Messenger, he has been
blessed with being the distributor of Kauthar, he has been blessed
with the power to assist those in need and he has been blessed with
the power of hearing our Durood, no matter how distant we may
We need to remain steadfast on the path of the Ahle Sunnat Wa
Jamaat, the true path of the Sahaba-e-Kiraam, Taabi’een, Tab’be
Taabi’een, The A’ima-e-Mujtahideen and the Awliyah-e-Kaamileen.
This is the way to protect our Imaan and this is the only way to
achieve salvation in the hereafter.

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